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Patient Outreach

OSA Posters & Brochures

Most people at risk for OSA only know of one treatment: the CPAP. Before they can accept treatment, they must be aware of new treatment options. These are the building blocks of awareness for dental sleep medicine: informational posters for your reception area and operatories, brochures to send home with your dental patients. These materials were developed by Nexus sleep experts and are integrated into the Nexus Sleep Protocol.

Referral Agent Program

The Nexus Referral Agent Program facilitates enhanced networking with sleep physicians and patient groups within a designated territory. Nexus leverages our existing network channels with targeted outreach. Following a custom referral building road map, our team will contact physicians and patient groups on your behalf to introduce your practice, educate on dental sleep medicine and cultivate relationships.

Events Team

The Nexus Events Team is out on the front lines, raising awareness and screening people at public events, health fairs, gyms and anywhere people are. When people are at risk, we connect them with those who can help. We can assist with setting up:

HD Video and Commercial

1 day On-site

The Nexus Video Team is available for custom video production at your office to Nexus Providers who have completed training and credentialing. Custom interview-style videos highlight your expertise in Dental Sleep Medicine, answering common patient questions and concerns. The standard video package includes:

Social Media Library

Your practice will gain access to the Nexus social media library, full of informative and engaging content you can post to social media, your practice blog or newsletter. Includes content for website, social channels and email marketing.

Online Directory Listing

The Nexus online directory is your connection to all of the public awareness, education, outreach and screening activities Nexus is involved in. Individuals visit for information on sleep apnea, dental sleep medicine and to use our online screening tool. Every page is connected to our zip code searchable database of Nexus Certified Providers across the country, where they can learn more about each provider and schedule an appointment.


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