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Our Brands

Helping us to make a difference…

DreamSleep is a nationwide network of dentists and physicians committed to raising awareness and fighting sleep apnea.

DreamSleep is a nationwide network of dentists and physicians committed to raising awareness and fighting sleep apnea. The mission encompasses four initiatives:

  • Raise public awareness of sleep apnea
  • Train dentists to implement dental sleep medicine
  • Create sleep apnea screening, testing and treatment programs for industry and organizations
  • Connect patients with providers

DreamSleep.Rest has been the patient education and referral network, and will continue to be the name and face of marketing and outreach efforts for the DreamSleep brand.

N3Sleep has served as the consulting division of DreamSleep, and seeks to change the way Obstructive Sleep Apnea is treated by educating, training and enabling dentists to provide oral appliance therapy.

N3Sleep provides a state-of-the-art training and implementation process tailored to the individual needs of each dental office.

TruDenta is an FDA approved therapy system provided to patients through dental professionals. Each treatment plan is tailored to address the individual patient’s symptoms and includes the use of several technologies, including ultrasound, photobiomodulation, microcurrent, and muscle manipulation.

In B2B, it helps dentists expand their scope of practice and increase practice revenue while providing life-changing care for patients with long-lasting relief for conditions related to sleep apnea, migraines, tinnitus, and vertigo by connecting them to a TruDenta provider.

MedMark, LLC is the leading integrated marketing and multi-platform advertising company in America’s dental and medical industry.

While best known for their publication of several prestigious dental journals, with over 16 years of expertise in dental, they also offer niche marketing to dental equipment manufacturers, service providers, and dental practitioners. Through this partnership comes a three-time Emmy-award winning television producer with 20 years of media experience, who will bring our mass media strategy to life. 

AIR Quality Guard

Air Quality Guard is a clean air system designed for the unique challenges of dental practices. Unlike other systems, AQG is built on the principle of directional airflow, which captures nearly 100% of contaminants before they can circulate in the operatory or office.

A negative pressure airflow cycle is created in which contaminated air is captured at the source, passed through a 3 level filter, then returned to the office. The continuous cycle replaces the air in the office 5-10 more times per hour, ensuring occupants are only breathing clean air and there are no dead zones where aerosols can accumulate.

Poor sleep quality has a devastating effect on children, also. Imagine a world where the first question parents of a struggling student hear from a school psychologist or teacher is “has a dentist checked the development and growth of your child’s mouth?”

ADD/ADHD and sleep deprivation in children present in nearly identical manners and can be easily misdiagnosed. Widespread education about the effects of, and treatment for, sleep deprivation could help parents and educators get the best treatment for their children without medication. We are changing the conversation about childhood behavior. Through a partnership with the Mel Blount Youth Leadership Initiative, our mission is to help children sleep better by making sure dentists are part of an interdisciplinary team of practitioners focused on the healthy development of a child. Together, we can eliminate mislabeling and overmedication of children.

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