Welcome Robert McQueen, Chief of Staff, to the Nexus Dental Systems family.

Welcome Robert McQueen, Chief of Staff, to the Nexus Dental Systems family.

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Robert McQueen is the newly appointed Chief of Staff at Nexus Dental Systems. With a multifaceted background in strategy, operations, and cross-cultural communication, Rob brings over 18 years of experience to this role. His career is marked by a series of high-impact roles and successful ventures, showcasing his exceptional skills in leadership, strategic planning, and complex problem-solving.
Rob’s professional journey began as a Special Operations Officer, where he demonstrated outstanding capabilities in coordinating multifaceted operations and leading cross-functional teams in high-stakes environments. His military career includes significant achievements such as leading the US response to disasters in Bosnia, coordinating multinational training programs, and engaging with senior diplomats to synchronize complex initiatives.

In the civilian sector, Rob has held several influential positions. As the Field Operations Director at Waves For Water, he provided vision, direction, training, and oversight to field operations across 44 countries. He was pivotal in building the Clean Water Corps from an idea into a fully functioning division, leading humanitarian missions in 21 different countries, and managing disaster relief initiatives worth over a million dollars. His efforts in expanding corporate social responsibility programs with partners like BMW, Tumi, Panerai, and Hurley demonstrate his proficiency in forging and nurturing strategic partnerships.

Rob’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to found Quiver, an impact analysis platform for non-profit organizations and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Under his leadership, Quiver developed a viable MVP and successfully integrated into the Salesforce marketplace, illustrating Rob’s ability to drive innovation and market penetration.

In his role as Executive Accounts Director at Tempest 22, Rob demonstrated his strategic acumen by advising companies on repositioning strategies and capital acquisition. His ability to identify unique investment opportunities and develop effective fundraising strategies has been a hallmark of his success, attracting significant investor interest and capital injections.
Rob has also been recognized for his leadership in academic and extracurricular activities. Beyond his professional endeavors, he is committed to mentoring young founders and officers and actively contributes to community initiatives.

With his diverse experience, strategic mindset, and proven leadership, Rob is well-equipped to drive Nexus Dental Systems’ growth and success. His appointment as Chief of Staff marks a significant step forward for the organization as it continues to innovate and expand its impact in the dental industry.

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